Our memeberships

Together, we are shaping the transformation of the manufacturing industry from a traditional product manufacturer to an intelligent solution provider.

Become a member of the Service Performance Center now and take advantage of the exclusive services and benefits:

Basic membership is aimed at companies that are primarily looking for access to service expertise or do not have the capacity to participate in center projects due to their company size. Take part in community events to expand your network and access the knowledge gathered in the Service Performance Center via the community portal. If there is an exciting center project for you, you can also purchase participation.

Business membership is the most frequently chosen model because, in addition to access to the community, it also allows you to participate in the center projects. Not only can you place your ideas and wishes for future center projects, you can also work on two center projects of your choice. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend two courses in our training program and receive a 10% discount on individual consulting projects and the Service Maturity Assessment.
Premium membership is aimed at organizations for which service trends, digital services or subscription business models have the highest priority.

Premium members benefit above all from the unlimited number of center projects in which they can participate. Contribute your topics for future center projects and gain new insights and project results for your company’s development. Your employees support you with up to four participation in certificate courses. In addition, you receive a 20% discount on individual consulting projects and the use of our Service Maturity Assessment.