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In the manufacturing industry, the demand for in-depth information on applied machine learning solutions and the available providers on the market is still very high. After the publication of our successful market study “Industrial Machine Learning”, the results of which you can find here, we would like to pursue this topic even further in 2019/20 and connect users and providers of Industrial Machine Learning in an Expert Circle. Take advantage of the practical experience we have gained from the successfully completed study and join us as experts when we define the relevant future trends in machine learning together. Join us and take on a pioneering role in the European machine learning landscape!


Kriz Lee
Senior Project Manager
Phone:  +49 241 47705 614

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Benefit now from our unique Expert Circle!

The overall goal of the Expert Circle is to conduct another in-depth study 2020, which will go beyond the results of the first study and uncover the many different potentials of machine learning solutions for manufacturing companies. The potentials needs to be defined and analysed in order to make it easier for decision-makers to pick the most suitbale provider of machine learning solutions for their project. To achieve all this, you will do the following in the framework of the expert circle:


– have a say in the overall set-up of the international market survey
– become an official co-author of the study
– gain the latest inside kowledge on the topic of machine learning with keynotes with a practical work-oriented as well as a scientific research background
– discuss relevant study results, challengers and current questions
– connect with other providers as well as users of machine learning
– profit from their experiences and successful practices!

The kick-off for this study is scheduled for the beginning of Q3 2020. Do you want to participate or do you have questions regarding the study organisation and procedure? We look forward to receiving your message!

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