Pricing of digital products

Your path to a value-based revenue model

Traditional pricing models such as cost-based markup calculations or competitive comparisons reach their limits when it comes to pricing digital products. When pricing digital products, the focus is on customer value, which presents companies with many implementation challenges:

  • Which specific pricing models are in use in the industry today?
  • How do other companies bundle their products?
  • Which price points can be set for one’s own company and which factors are relevant?

In our consortium benchmark “Pricing of digital products” we develop answers to these questions with you!


Regina Schrank
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Your advantages:

  • You contribute your questions and find answers to your challenges.
  • In the exchange with other companies, you benefit from their experiences and gain new insights for your own projects.
  • You make valuable contacts in the network of the Smart Logistics cluster on the RWTH Aachen Campus.
  • During company visits, you will learn from the companies that have been identified as best practices by all participating partners during the course of the project.
  • You will receive a free, anonymized compilation of the results including concrete figures

Research partner:

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