Increasing Digital Competence with the Service Performance Center

Create a crucial competitive advantage for yourself and your company with the vast portfolio the Service Performance Center has to offer! Throughout the year, we offer certificate courses, conferences and other events focussing on highly trending industry 4.0 topics. We teach strongly practice-oriented key competencies, train executives and managers and prepare you for the challenge to recognise, analyse, evaluate and implement digital trends. As a consequence, you are fit to remain successful in the digital future that lies ahead.

Smart Service Manager in einer Produktionshalle


Further Education Courses

Zertifikatskurse und Weiterbildungen

Subscription Business Manager | Spring 2024

14.02.2024 – 16.02.2024

Zertifikatskurs Digital Product Manager | Spring 2024

09.04. – 11.04.2024 (Module 1)

24.04 – 26.04.2024 (Module 2)

Zertifikatskurs Chief Service Manager | Spring 2024

24.04. – 26.04.2024 (Modul 1)

15.05. – 17.05.2024 (Modul 2)

Subscription Business Manager | Autumn 2024

17.09. – 19.09.2024

Zertifikatskurs Chief Service Manager | Autumn 2024

23. – 25.10.2024 (Module I )

06. – 08.11.2024 (Module II)

Zertifikatskurs Digital Product Manager | Autumn 2024

11.– 13.09.2024 (Module I )
25. – 27.09.2024 (Module II )

Jana Frank und Gäste am Center Smart Services



20.09.2022 Sales Summit:

Benedikt Moser Center Smart Services Conference



16.02.2023 Dienstleistungsforum
20.06.2023 Center Conference

Manage Smart Services successfully

How are successful digital services developed? How can smart services helo to meet customer demands, and how can digital transformation be implemented in an efficient, structured procedure? Participants of our certified further education offerings learn all this and more in our courses in a very short period of time. Thus, they quickly expand their digital knowledge and competence. Our certificate courses are made for department managers and CEOs. The courses teach you all the key competencies that are needed to successfully build value-adding smart services and implement complex business changes.

Sharing expert knowledge on trend topics

Our practice-oriented conferences aim to immerse you in a topic in even more detail and to identify the potentials and challenges of digitalization. For this purpose, we cooperate with renowned companies in the manufacturing industry as well as the Campus Cluster Smart Logistics. Participants of the series “Future of the Textile Chain” or the “LogObject Experience Days” can thus, among other things, advance the future of textile production with experts and company representatives and investigate how machine learning and AI are used in field service management.

Service Performance Center Conferences

Several times a year, we organise larger events for enrolled members of the Service Performance Center community and those who still want to become one on special occasions and current topics. For example, our Center Conference brings together all friends and members of the center every year to be informed about the progress of recent projects and studies and to exchange views on future topics. The popular Aachen Service Forum also takes place annually, where exhibitors and industry experts exchange views on the current state of innovation in the field of smart services.