The Service Performance Center implements several center projects each year, which are selected from a pool of project ideas based on member voting. These projects address current issues and market trends relating to service transformation with the aim of developing innovative answers and solutions. This results in consortium benchmarking, technology studies, innovation projects and expert circles on precisely the topics that our members need and are interested in.

Projects 2024

AI in service

In close cooperation with our member companies, in this technology study we focus intensively on the question of which challenges in industrial service can be solved with AI. We identify the potential that can actually be tapped into with AI in industrial service, name the hurdles and outline the path to using this key technology.


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Integration of product sales

In this Expert Circle, the participating companies work with our project management team on solutions and concepts to enable product sales to successfully bring industrial and digital services to market. The core of the project is to develop a guideline that helps sales employees to overcome barriers that limit their sales skills (ability) or motivation (willingness) to sell industrial and digital services.


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Global service portfolio

In this Expert Circle, we want to work with the service experts from our partner companies to find out how a global service portfolio should be structured.

Together with the member companies, we clarify which components can be standardized worldwide and where local companies should be given freedom in the portfolio design. We then derive standardization and individualization strategies and back these up with a concrete catalog of measures.


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Organizational transformation

The aim of the innovation project “Organizational management of transformation in service” is to answer the question “How can the organizational anchoring of the transformation of the service be ensured with a management unit and which success factors are decisive in setting it up?” The focus is on the scope, tasks and organizational anchoring of a service transformation office as a control unit as well as the roles to be considered and the organizational design. Methods and software tools for the implementation of service transformations are also covered.


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Value-based pricing

Value-based pricing for the manufacturing industry is the subject of this benchmarking study. The aim of the project is to determine reliable figures on the value-based pricing of services in the manufacturing industry. In order to obtain these figures, we will conduct a comprehensive quantitative study together with the participating partners to record the reference bases, pricing models and pricing metrics of successful companies.

This will enable us to identify best practices from which we can derive recommendations for action.


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Green service business

The green potential of the service business is greater than just making its provision sustainable (footprint). The biggest emissions from industrial machinery occur during the use phase. With the help of services, you are in a position to support your customers in increasing sustainability (handprint) and to exploit this in monetary terms.

You receive:
– Exclusive first-hand insights into best-practice solutions
– Valuable contacts to top performers in the green service sector
– Prepared answers to the question of how to design a sustainable service business


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Completed Projects

Multi-level sales

Innovation project
Kick-off: 10.12.21
Project completion: Q4/22

Together with you, we identify strategies, measures and methods for the successful sale of digital products over the course of twelve months.

„Sales excellence of digital products & services“

Innovation project
Kick-off: Q1/23
Project completion: Q3/23

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As part of the innovation project, we are developing strategies, measures and methods together in a cross-industry consortium of around 15 industrial companies to increase the success of digital product and service sales by at least 50%!

Monetizing Smart Products

Konsortial Benchmarking
Kick-Off: 22.09.2021
Project completion: 09/2022

Intelligent products enable companies to analyze the usage behavior of their customers. From this, they derive innovations and develop value-added services for their customers, such as a data-based analysis of weak points in product use. We want to master the challenges together with you.

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Pricing of digital products

Kick-Off: 26.Oktober 2020
Project completion: Q3/2021

The right pricing is essential for the success of a digital product. Until now, industrial companies have had little experience in the price management of digital products, which means that they do not contribute to business success. Create measurable success for the pricing of your digital products with us!

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Customer Insights

Konsortial Benchmarking
Kick-Off: 21. 11.2019
Project completion: 22.03.2021

Customer wishes: If you pay attention to them, you are already one step ahead of the competition. Those who can collect them themselves through data analysis are even further ahead! Customer insights is the name of the process that can provide valuable information in the competition for satisfied customers. Find out how you can respond to customer requirements in your company in a targeted manner

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Subscription Business

Konsortial Benchmarking
Kick-Off: 28.05.2019
Project completion: Q1 2021

Subscription business models can translate the technological possibilities of Industry 4.0 into measurable success. Become a partner in the new consortium benchmarking now and learn how companies can be economically successful with subscription business in times of Industry 4.0 and realize continuous innovation and customer loyalty!

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Industrial Machine Learning

Market study
Kick-off: 28.01.2019
Project completion: 25.06.2019

What are the benefits of industrial machine learning? How do I find a suitable provider? The market study “Industrial Machine Learning” was dedicated to these questions and enables manufacturing companies to discover potentials through machine learning processes and to select strategic machine learning partners. The results are now available for download!

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Data-based services 2016/17

Consortium benchmarking
Kick-off: October 2016
Project completion: June 2017

The study investigated the success factors of data-based services and how top companies differentiate themselves from others in the development and provision of data-based services. The clients of the benchmarking study and a further 75 international providers of industrial, data-based services took part.

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Smart Service Check – Sprint I

Consortium project

A tool was developed that enables the assessment of an industrial service provider’s smart service maturity level. This provides industrial service providers with transparency about the status quo of their own company as a smart service provider and serves to identify key areas for action and potential for improvement. The project was carried out together with the enrolled members of the Service Performance Center.

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Smart Service Check – Sprint II

Consortium project

Building on the results of the successful Sprint I of the Smart Service Check, company-specific data-based services were developed. Successful practices were researched, analyzed and categorized with regard to their form. Finally, the partner-specific results, together with the successful practices, were used to derive generic types of data-based services in the form of blueprints.

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Distribution of Smart Services

Consortium project
Kick-off: February 2018
Project completion: February 2019

78 solution modules sorted into 8 topic clusters divided into 4 phases – this is the result of the consortium project on the sale of smart services. Are you interested in the results? Segmentation criteria, the quantification of value propositions in monetary terms and the choice of the right channel for selling smart services are just a few examples!

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