Further education

Fit for digitalization

Advancing digitalization is having a significant impact on companies’ value creation. Digital products, the analysis of data in a matter of seconds, SaaS, subscription business models and prototyping are now part of the everyday tasks of many managers in the manufacturing industry.

However, the will to digitize alone is often not enough. Executives such as CIOs, CEOs, CDOs, IT managers, heads of strategy and digital managers need the right specialist knowledge, methods and strategies to successfully implement the changes and concepts of service transformation.

With our certificate courses, we offer the ideal training program for service transformation in the manufacturing industry. The courses build on each other thematically, but can also be completed individually depending on your level of knowledge. Our aim is to prepare you with our certificate courses from the first steps of service transformation to the development of a digital service offering and the development and establishment of subscription business models.


Digital Product Manager!
Format: Certificate course
Duration: 2 x 2,5 days
Target Group: Specialists and managers, with main responsibility in the areas of business development and digitalization strategy.


Subscription Business Manager
Format: Basic course
Duration: 3 days
Target group: Specialists and managers from the areas of business development, product and project management