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Cross-industry success principles for excellent sales of digital products & services

Status quo: Today, the classic, product-oriented portfolio of offerings from manufacturing companies is increasingly being supplemented by digital products & services, such as applications to increase operational efficiency, digital platforms and assistants, or remote/AR services.

Conflict: While the technical development of the functionalities already works in many cases, the sale of digital products and services in particular presents the greatest challenges in digital business. Many companies are not yet able to monetize their digital products & services.

Perhaps you have asked yourself one of the following 7 questions, too:

  • Which customer (segments) have the greatest potential for our digital products & services?
  • How should the digital service portfolio be designed, if necessary also in connection with service level agreements, and how can this be priced on a value basis and in a comprehensible way?
  • What measurable added value can I really deliver to my customers via digital products & services and how can this be communicated in the best possible way via sales?
  • Which (omni-)channels should be selected for the sale of digital products and services and how should these be coordinated?
  • How must management, motivation and incentive systems be adapted for the sale of digital products and services, and how can potential conflicts between product, service and digital business be avoided?

Solution: As part of the innovation project ” Vertriebsexzellenz digitaler Produkte & Services “, we are working together in a cross-sector consortium of around 15 industrial companies to develop strategies, measures and methods to increase success in the sale of digital products & services by at least 50%!

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Your benefits in a nutshell:

  • Cross-industry knowledge of successful practices and methodologies for an excellent sales approach for digital products & services
  • Insights into the future of sales and adaptation of cross-industry successful practices
  • A comprehensive sales guide including new sales methods and examples for direct application in your company
  • Individual application of the sales guide in your company and development of an individual roadmap for the successful expansion of your sales of digital products & services
  • Development of your own cross-industry network and exclusive exchange with experts in the consortium
Take advantage of this opportunity and become an exclusive partner and make your sales department fit for the future! Kick-Off Q4 2022

Project schedule

Cross-industry success principles for excellent sales of digital products & services

Project goals

  • Exclusive insight into cross-industry trends and successfully implemented practical examples.
  • Development of a comprehensive sales playbook detailing principles, methods and application examples for excellent sales of digital products & services.
  • Empowerment to develop a successful sales strategy, to use appropriate sales channels as well as to master the development and incentivation of the sales organization, sales team and sales staff.
  • Understanding of customer value-oriented benefit communication and the application of effective pricing mechanisms.

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