Customer Insights

How to really reach your customers!

Do you know what your customers really want? Which services and products bring actual added value to potential buyers, letting them chose you instead of the competition?

The consortium benchmarking “Customer Insights” addresses these questions. Today, information on how customers rate specific services or products can be collected in many different ways: Places like social media platforms provide a large amount of direct or indirect feedback and proactively collected feedback , e.g. via customer mailings, makes it possible to get to know more and more about customers’ opinions. The collected data can be prepared and evaluated by a variety of analysis methods – but many companies lack experience when it comes to deciding which data really contains valuable information and how to deal with it. In addition, the implementation of the information received into the actual production and service process often presents companies with major challenges.

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Use customer data for optimisation!



During the benchmarking, you will learn:

– how the most promising source of customer data can be chosen
– which analysis methods are available and which one is most suited for what kind of data
– how customer feedback can be integrated into excisting development processes adequately
– which best practice companies already work successfull with customer insights
– which methods they use to use the customers’ voice for improvements.

The benchmarking kick-off took place on 21st November 2019. We are now initiating the screening phase. Any questions? Please send us a message!

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