Digital Service Development

Your route to the development of successful digital services

When developing intelligent services, there are two basic principles that need to be considered: Early involvment of the customers in the development process and a clear focus on the substantial service components in order to ensure a short time-to-market. But how can an agile innovation and development process for digital business models be designed? The consortial project “Digital Service Development” is dedicated to this topic. The goal is to accelerate the development process of smart services to reduce time-to-market due to a strict focus on the very fundamental steps.


Yona Paproth
Project Manager
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How can data-based business models be developed quickly with an improved time-to-market?

When taking part in the “Digital Service Development” project, you will learn how to improve and organise your innovation and development process for digital data-based business models and smart services. As a result, you are an expert for the development of smart services! Within twelve months, the following content will be part of what you will learn:

Ihr Weg zu Smart Services


-Development of a method for the creation of data-based services, incl. an in-depth guideline and workshop-concept

-Highly valuable contacts and the chance for direct exchange with other companies on the topic of “digital service”, you will gain important insight information, experience and practice-relevant input

-Acess to successful practice approaches from different industry sectors on the topic of “Digital Service Development”.

The Project kick-off is scheduled for November 2019. If you want to be a part of it and wish to become an expert for the development of digital services, send us a message! We are happy to help if you have further questions or ideas.

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