Experience Smart Services hands-on

Our conventions are highly practice-oriented. As such, they offer you the possibility to be active and try out new methods and innovations hands-on and in practice.

Vertrieb von digitalen Produkten


Sales Summit

Next event: 21.09.2021

A successful digital business is not the result of pure luck or a particular unique innovation – those who want to be successful with their smart service need to follow a very well thought-through concept with a clearly defined goal – this is specially important for the sales strategy. Sign up now for our “Sales Summit” event and learn all about the success factors we were able to identify for companies across all industry areas and see what you can take away from them for your own business.

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Member exclusive events

As part of our available membership options, we offer enrolled members of the Service Performance Center Community the opportunity to work even closer with us, suggest their own topics of interest for research and projects and to decide which topics we should focus on in our joint activities.

Senior Project Manager Kriz Lee beim Speed Dating mit weiteren Teilnehmern der Center Conference 2019


Cluster Insights

Next event: 10.12.2020
By invitation only

In 2019, the event „Smart Logistics Cluster Insights” was dedicated to the effect that digital change has on future work environments. With New York as an example, we discussed the increasing use of decision-supporting smart systems, which change our everyday work significantly and require new digital competencies from staff. In 2020, participants can look forward again to exciting keynotes and workshops. Details will follow shortly. Sign up for 2020 now!

Center Conference im EICe


Center Conference

Next event: 22.06.2021
By invitation only

The yearly organised Center Conference for enrolled members serves the purpose of sharing updates and news on projects and studies we conduct in cooperation with our community members. Together, we work on research questions and topics we want to pursue in the future. We make use of keynotes and workshops to plan how we want to push digital transformation forward. Registration via E-Mail.

Our conventions

Several times a year, we organise conventions on trend topics in the industrial sector. We work together with leading companies as well as the other Centers of the Campus Cluster Smart Logistics to make these events happen. Each convention is dedicated to a specific topic, which will be discussed in detail. We also use the opportunity to analyse challenges and potentials of new technologies and introduce guests to interesting innovations from companies across all industry sectors. Because many renowned companies come together in one place, we also use these events to talk about possible cooperation potentials and to examine what special skill each individual company has to offer. This means, for example, considering a cooperation in order to achieve a previously defined goal faster. As a result, these events elways create great opportunities for best practices, industry representatives and experts to talk about their experiences regarding a specific topic and share their knowledge.

By strongly including our guests in the convention and offering workshops and presentations with a high practical focus, we want to make sure that everyone takes away much more valuable insights for the optimisation of the company they represent than usual.  Our “Sales Summit” event, for example, is fundamentally different from traditional conference formats. During the event, we present the results of our consortial project for the distribution and sale of smart services. A focus on hands-on workshops and numerous best-practice presentations will shed light on how smart services are successfully introduced to the market and sold successfully. We are convinced that a successful digital business is not a coincidence, but is based on strong sales as a key success factor! More about the “Sales Summit”, our “Experience Days” or other events as well as the option to Register can be found on the individual event pages (see above).