The Future of the Textile Production Chain

The Future of the Textile Production Chain –
Smart Services for Smart Businesses

Mit Smart Services zum Smart Business

Together with PTC and ITA Academy, we were able to show in the first two events of our event series that the networking of IT and production processes enables a more flexible, cost-effective, plannable and customer-oriented production.
We showed how productivity can be increased in textile production and how machine performance can be optimized through retrofittings, retrofit options and software updates. In addition, together with the participants of the event, we looked at the possibilities of intelligent warehouse concepts and logistics solutions, which accelerate the entire process from design draft to customer availability.

Experience Day 05.11.2019

In the third part of our series of events, we shed light on the development of Smart Services into a profitable digital business. In the future, a machine and plant manufacturer’s goal must be not just to sell machines, but to become a provider of a data-based service that offers subscription-based service level agreements as well as a complete customer journey in the long term.

On 05.11.209, you will learn first-hand what approaches and options are already available on the market and how these can be optimally implemented in the production process. We also offer you the opportunity to experience the ThingWorx platform for yourself in a digitalization workshop especially for textile machine manufacturers. In addition to presentations and application examples, you will receive a short training and then have the opportunity to develop your own applications. You can experience how quickly dashboards can be developed for textile machine monitoring and augmented reality solutions for service.

This is a great opportunity for machine manufacturers, textile machine users, CTOs and CDOs involved in the production of textiles!
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When: 05.11.2019, 9:00am
Where: Cluster Smart Logistics, Campus Boulevard 55, 52074 Aachen

Agenda (subject to change)

8:30am: Get-together and registration of guests
9:00am Welcome & Presentation of organisers
9:30am Industry Keynotes
10:00am How to turn Smart Services into Smart Business
12:15pm Lunch
1:15pm Hands-on Digitalization workshop
3:30pm Discussion

Participation fee: Early Bird discount (until 5.10.2019) 149,-€ ; regular fee 179,-€

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