Service Maturity Assessments

The digital transformation of your service organization

With the Service Maturity Assessment, you will learn in only 3 weeks how you can accelerate the digital transformation of your service organization. Thanks to the standardized procedure tested in cooperation, we create a roadmap with clear recommended actions that is aligned with your strategic goals. These recommendations form the basis for optimizing your use of resources, such as machines, resources, personnel, time, etc., and for establishing customer-specific data-based services on the market.

Your benefit of the Service Maturity Assessment

  • In the course of a extensive process inspection at your site with consideration of your IT systems and data, we identify the potential for improvement in your service organization.
  • Using computer-aided and standardized tools along the assessment, you receive concrete recommendations for action based on your previously defined strategic goals.
  • We transfer your individual recommended actions into a roadmap so that you can concentrate on the structured and transformation of your service organization.
  • When performing a subsequent re-assessment, you can track the progress of the service maturity level in detail in the online portal to record successes and identify further optimization potential.

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How does a successful digital service transformation succeed?

We guarantee that your project will be tailored to your needs. Depending on your requirements, we will accompany you through four phases, from defining the project goals to the final implementation of measures for a sustainable service organization.

Phase 1: Assessment

  • Initiation of the project: You define the project scope with us and determine the selection of service branches and relevant processes. The strategic goals are then identified.
  • Status Quo Analysis: To gain the most comprehensive insight into your processes, we look at your service shop on site and evaluate your organization’s IT systems and data. For a better understanding, we conduct interviews, remotely or on-site, with your employees, including the service manager, technical customer service, and sales.
Phase 1 Service Maturity Assessment
Phase 2: Roadmapping:

  •  Roadmap Development: We derive detailed measures and transfer them into a roadmap, aligned with the strategic goals of your company, for the further development of the service organization.

Phase 3:  Project Definition:

  • Realization: The individual roadmap is transferred into concrete projects for the implementation of measures. We support you in resource and time planning for a swift implementation.

Phase 4:  Implementation:

  • Project management: We support you in the successful implementation of the defined projects. Our professional project controlling enables you to implement the projects for your service transformation in a targeted and effective manner.

This is how an exemplary schedule for the service transformation may look like

Service Maturity Assessment Schedule