Subscription Business Benchmarking

Customer loyalty through sustainable digital business models

Subscription Business refers to a form of new digital business model that empowers enterprises to take full advantage of industry 4.0 capabilities. Its main focusis on a new type of relationship between company and customer. Companies are no longer connected to customers only because of individual sales or services ensuring production quality, instead, there is a long-term alliance. With subscription models, the focus is on continuous production optimisation, increasing output quantities and continuous innovation. Companies are committed to continuously increasing customer benefit. By doing so, the interests of the company and the customer are aligned. This new business model enables companies to achieve revolutionary competitive advantages, which are becoming increasingly important in view of current competitive conditions and increasing customer requirements.


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It is often unclear, how subscription business models can be realised and implemented, what needs to be taken into account and what benefits arise from it. Few companies are currently making use of tthe potential of subscription business. In order to enable companies to handle subscription business models successfully, a large-scale benchmarking is planned. From May 2019 to approx. April 2020, the aim will not only be to identify companies that are already working successfully with subscription business, but also to analyse which principles of success can be identified.

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In the context of the planned Subscription Business Benchmarking, the following questions are of interest for the research:

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– What added value do Subscription Business models offer to customers and businesses?
– What organizational structure does a company need to offer subscription business models?#How can suitable service packages consisting of products, services and digital services be designed for offering subscription business models?
– How is a price calculated for the individual service packages?
– What successful practices can be determined?

Within the framework of the benchmarking, a wide variety of company aspects is analysed. This is necessary because the offering of subscription business models will only be successful in the long term if a comprehensive transformation into a corporate structure is carried out. First of all, the strategy for this transformation must be defined. To do so, four central fields of action must be considered: Technical infrastructure, resources, organization and culture. All these contents are addressed as part of the benchmarking process.

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