27. March 2018

Case Competition: Open Innovation Student Competition 2018

Our current Open Innovation Competition with KUKA Robotics is still running. However, new partners have already claimed their interest in participating in the second competition of 2018. The case competition is just as popular with students as with companies, because the results is always beneficial for both parties.

Companies can use the competition to have difficult use cases and Problems solved with new, fresh ideas from innovative students. Because of this, they can develop new Business models, generate ideas for new projects and gain insights from a new, different point of view. Students, on the other hand, have the amazing opportunity to work on real industrial Problems, be creative and work for worldwide renowned businesses. Students from the RWTH Aachen University can also use the competition as part of the lecture “Service Design and Engineering” and collect Credit Points for their participation.

Do you work for a company who might be interested in being part of our open innovation competition? Are you a student and do you want to participate? Click here to find out more about possibilities to be part of this unique experience!