14. July 2021

Further education with a guarantee of advancement

The digital transformation is changing entire markets, interfering with existing production structures in industry and presenting managing directors, service managers, business development managers, product and project managers with the challenge of developing their own organizations quickly and in a targeted manner. The main goals are to increase value creation potential, deepen customer relationships, maintain attractiveness for existing customers, acquire new customers and retain them, for example, through subscription models. These goals are anchored in the individual digitization strategy of each company.

The key to such a strategy is the ability to recognize the triad of growth potential offered by digitization, market potential, and the needs of customers, and to leverage this knowledge. This is the task of a digital business developer. He or she is thus responsible for business model development and actively helping to shape the digital transformation of the company. A challenge that requires a lot of know-how. The basis is formed by business knowledge and management skills, supplemented by the ability to recognize the potential of the markets for digital services and to position one’s own company correctly. Based on this, the digital business developer develops hybrid business models from classic and digital products and fits these to the wishes and expectations of the customer through optimal experience design. Along the way, he or she should also have the ability to take over the management of digital units within the company and enter into promising collaborations with start-ups and partners.

The six-day training enables you to gain the necessary know-how to fill the position of Digital Business Developer. The course uses lectures and workshops as well as case studies to impart the necessary technical and methodological knowledge to critically scrutinize the established core business of a company and the associated processes, to uncover weaknesses and to realize potentials.
After successfully completing the course and passing the exam, graduates receive the RWTH certificate “Digital Business Developer”. This officially certifies that you have acquired the qualification as a Digital Business Developer at RWTH Aachen University, so that nothing stands in the way of the next step on your personal career ladder.

The RWTH certificate course “Digital Business Developer” starts on September 15 and comprises six days, which take place in two modules of three days each. You can find more information about the content of the course as well as a listing of the content and speakers here.

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