18. January 2022

Welcome, DMG MORI!

DMG MORI is one of the largest manufacturers of metal-cutting machine tools in Germany and also a leading manufacturer of CNC-controlled turning and milling machines worldwide. Since June 2016, the German-Japanese company has been operating under the motto “Global One Company” and thus aims to highlight the importance and intercultural merging into one company. In addition to turning and milling machines, the product range also includes advanced technologies such as ultrasonic, lasertec and additive manufacturing. In addition, the machine tool manufacturer develops holistic technology and automation solutions all the way to digital products and solutions for Industry 4.0. The service business includes services such as training, repair, maintenance and spare parts service. The company has 14 production sites worldwide and 157 international sales and service locations in 79 countries. The company’s headquarters are located in Bielefeld, Germany. The headquarters of the parent company, DMG MORI Company Limited, is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Successfully building a digital business

By enrolling in the Center Smart Services at RWTH Aachen Campus, DMG MORI aims to press ahead with the next steps in the further development and professionalization of its digital business. The aim of the partnership is to benefit from the unique expertise of the Center Smart Services and, for example, to apply findings from the “Pricing of Digital Products” or “Customer Success Management” in the company.
DMG MORI has already been participating in innovation and consortium projects as a best practice company for years and values the open and constructive exchange with the Center Smart Services network in order to successfully drive forward crucial innovations.

DMG MORI has furthermore been an integral part of our “Digital Product Manager” for years as an outstanding example of the successful development of an integrated service and digital business in mechanical and plant engineering. The partnership will tie in with this and carry the topic of executive education in the area of service and digital business further into the company. However, the executive membership will take the partnership to a new level of cooperation. Together with the experts at the RWTH Aachen Campus, DMG MORI would like to evaluate the potential that lies in the development of a digital platform for the trade in spare parts for mechanical and plant engineering and how this can be leveraged in a joint project.