30. October 2018

Geotab is a globally leading company in the field of telematics, offering fleet management solutions on an open platform for companies of all sizes. The end-to-end-solutions including hardware and software support companies in optimising and further developing their business processes. High-quality and secure data recording is the key to success – whether for accident recording, driver coaching or increasing productivity.

An evaluation of the engine diagnostic data makes it possible, for example, to better determine usage-dependent maintenance intervals and to imrpove the planning of repairs of typical weak points as well as wear-and-tear repairs. As a result, fleet owners have a better overview of the technical status of their vehicles and their availability. This advantage not only pays off during the planning phase, but it can also be passed on to the customer: Due to the improved planability of the vehicle fleet, breakdowns, delays due to technical problems and quality losses can be reduced significantly, so that the customer can be served reliably and satisfactorily.

These possibilities result in a broad field of application with great potential for the optimization of processes and the development of digital business models.

In cooperation with the Center Smart Services, Geotab wants to devote itself to the topic of further digital business models focussing on vehicles. Additionally, Geotab wants to make use of available data and explore new business fields by using additional sensors. For example, there are possibilities of increasing road safety, checking the condition of the road using vehicle sensors or measuring environmental influences such as emission values measured directly on the car or on the road.

Especially the improvement of environmental friendliness is a current topic, which appears constantly in the media and to which Geotab would like to dedicate itself together with the Center Smart Services. The goal of one of the first joint projects is to define possibilities for mobile air quality measurement in German city centres, in order to be able to make acurate statements in real time about the extent to which driving bans are actually helpful. In addition to this, the project will be used to promote the professional use and evaluation of vehicle data.

We, the Center Smart Services team, are happy to support Geotab Germany in the fields of electromobility as well as in the design of Smart Cities and the resulting digital business models.