Maturity model service organization

The challenge in the transformation of the service organization

In addition to the major transformation projects (IT system rollout, PdM initiatives, etc.), a major challenge for service organizations are the numerous daily tasks in the various areas of the operational service business. Frequently, these are costly and often tie up technicians longer than necessary. In many cases, the planning of work and travel time as well as the route planning of the technicians is only based on empirical values. Not least because there is no active knowledge management.
Unclear error descriptions on the part of the customer and a lack of remote access also result in additional work and increased customer visits. These unplanned events lead to deviations from the plan. In addition, the absence of guided troubleshooting or remote support also causes long technician deployments, as each technician has to make their own “experiences”.
Further aggravating the situation is the fact that necessary qualifications are not listed centrally. As a result, they are not used for planning service calls. These are just some of the challenges in the transformation of the service organization.

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The consequence for the service organization:

Unclear customer contract structures and lack of control for charging expenses. As a result, customers receive services but do not pay for them, while contractually guaranteed services are not provided. The result is overworked service technicians and planning difficulties.

A disaster for provider and customer.

The solution for your service:

To ensure future success, inefficiencies in your company must be uncovered and resolved. So that, the individual transformation of the service organization can be planned, controlled and implemented.

The procedure

Our maturity model describes the service organization in four fields of organisation.

Maturity model for the transformation of the service organization
Each field of organisation is based on a variety of capabilities. The respective degree of implementation of these capabilities can be determined along six maturity levels and thus allows an individual and detailed recording of the situation in the organization.
Six maturity levels for the transformation of the service organization
To support the transformation of the service organization, we create the basis by means of a questionnaire, which is recorded for documentation and process support, among others. The response options underlying the questions are based on the six maturity levels.

Step 1: Merging of skill characteristics. This combination enables the comparison of the fields of organisation and reveals inconsistencies.

Step 2: Identify action areas that lead from the current status quo to the target maturity level.

Step 3: Identification of concrete measures and recommended actions. These are appropriately detailed and provided with a budget to enable the creation of a transformation roadmap.

Step 4: Begin and corresponding implementation of the thus developed roadmap for transforming the service organization.

Example of the roadmap for transforming the service organization.

The service maturity model enables you to uncover inefficiencies in the form of different levels of capabilities in the fields of organisation and local organizational units. The discrepancies can be traced back to their causes and eventually resolved. This gives you the opportunity to plan, manage and implement the transformation of your global service organization.

Roadmap for the transformation of the service organization

How to find out the maturity level of your service organization and create your individual roadmap

We have standardized the underlying model for you in a platform, including a questionnaire for the as-is assessment and a catalog of measures, to make getting started as easy as possible.
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