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David Willms

Prym punching machine gets introducdd to the Internet of Things

One of the oldest german family-owned companys, Prym Fashion GmbH, transformed one of its traditional punching machines and introduced it to the Internet of Things with the help of the FIR at RWTH Aachen University. Es a result, the quality of the machine, which is used to prepare the insertation of snap buttons, increased. By making this machine compatible with the Internet of Things, Prym makes use of all the advantages the digitial connection of machines has to offer, such as the generation and collection of data, which helps companies to make decisions faster than before. Prym and FIR at RWTH Aachen University took this first step towards the Internet of Things together and created the first functioning IoT-Prototype in just twelve weeks.

The project

The machine type used for this Project is part of the production of baby onesies, which is why there are particularly high quality expectations – the processing quality must be very high, but the machines are prone to defects. Until now, it took a lot of time for the producers to recognise machine defects, which meant that the production process continued unchanged. This led to the production of faulty products, which had to be repaired or categorised as scrap products. In order to increase the quality of the machines as well as the already high quality standards, Prym Fashion requires a full overview of all production processes in real-time.

To make this happen, one of the first steps was the application of design-thinking methods to design use-cases which would help to discover potentials of the idea at an early stage of the Project. For this, Prym Fashion allowed the FIR to use one of their machines for experiments. Technologies and technology combinations relying on sensors were used to make the use cases possible. The Project partner PTC made it possible to connect a first selection of sensors with the IoT-platform Thingworx to start the evaluation process and help select the final sensors for the machine.  Once this choice was made, the prototype was built. It is currently at the Smart-Systems-Innovation Lab at the FIR.
Die Prym Stanzmaschine ist nun ein smarter Prototyp

David Willms

Prym überführt Tradition in Moderne in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Center Smart Services

About Prym Fashion

As one of the oldest family businesses in Germany – its roots date back until 1530 – Prym is well known around the world when it comes to the topic of metal processing for high-standard niche markets. Locations all around the globe ensure that the Company is close to all of its customers of the Segments Prym Consumer, Prym Fashion, Prym Intimates and INOVAN. Prym Fashion is a competent partner when innovative and sturdy products are required. Rivetable button closure systems and accessories for the clothing and textile industry make Prym Fashion one of the world’s most important suppliers in the Industry.

Prym´s flexibility and professionalism serve mass production as well as individual requirements. In addition to closure systems, the company offers all holistic solutions: technical advice on site, customer-oriented service and tailor-made application technologies for reliable processing.