30. September 2019

Closer to the customer thanks to Customer Insights

Join our consortium and learn together with Miele, Groupe PSA and P3 Group what information you can use to get to know your customers better and how you can incorporate this knowledge into your product and service development.

Smart products, intelligent machines and plants provide you with valuable knowledge about customers

The technical possibilities of digitalization and Industrie 4.0 offer companies new ways to create a better understanding of their customers. Smart products, intelligent networked machines and plants continuously collect data, from which the manufacturer can obtain information about the customer’s use of a product. On this basis, companies can offer customer-specific services, for example to increase productivity. Customer data and, consequently, the customer himself, becomes an integral part of product and service development.

This means that those who collect, process and use data correctly gain a significant competitive advantage!

Get to know the customer better with the help of Customer Insights

The term “Customer Insights” includes the analysis and interpretation of data from heterogeneous sources of information with the aim of obtaining precise knowledge about the customer and his needs. The collection of these insights is currently much more widespread in the B2C context than in the B2B area, but the progressive networking of production plants, machines and products offers promising approaches in this area, too.

Master the challenge together

In order to obtain a detailed picture of what the customer wants, it is necessary to link the already mentioned technical data with further information about the customer, such as his purchasing behavior, his quality expectations or his attitude towards different service offers. Additional challenges arise for companies because they need to choose the most promising source of information, they need to analyze the collected data and, finally, they need to be able to make use of this information and implement the gained knowledge into already existing business processes.

As part of the project “Customer Insights”, we work together with you and the cross-industry consortium to define a regulatory framework, which you can use to discuss your individual challenges in handling and making use of customer insights. Based on an international benchmarking and in-depth interviews, we identify successful practice companies. We will visit approximately five companies on site, which is when you will have the chance to gain even further valuable knowledge about the successful collection and use of customer insights.

Would you like to become part of our consortium and become an expert for customer understanding with the help of “Customer Insights”?